absolut lecker ist absolut geil!


MeatGross amount*
Veal metballs with cherry tomatoes in a glass2,62 €
Lye viennese sausage skewer2,14 €
Smoked turkey breast cube with curry topping2,26 €
Date or plum wrapped in bacon2,26 €
Vitello style pasta cubes4,70 €
turkey satay skewer2,74 €
Mini chicken escalope with dip2,14 €
Rink roasted beef fillet cube3,57 €
Mini cheeseburger2,98 €
Melon and Parma ham bowl3,09 €
Goat´s cheese an pear bundle

with Parma ham and rocket
2,74 €
Roast beef rolls with rocket and remoulade2,74 €
Bacon and courgette rolls with feta filling2,74 €
Serrano puff pastry rolls2,14 €
Minimum order quantity 20 pieces for each finger food
FishGross amount*
Pineapple prawn salad in a glass3,21 €
Mini fish burger or prawn skewer Mediterranean3,09 €
Crépes rolls with cream cheese and salmon3,21 €
Smoked salmon cube skewer with horseradish3,21 €
Pasta cubes with cream cheese and pickled salmon4,70 €
Parmesan cracker with smoked salmon3,09 €
Vegan and vegetarianGross amount*
Tortilla rolls with avocado cream2,50 €
Tomato mozzarella in a jar2,14 €
Zuccini feta corner2,26 €
Sweet potato and crrot salad

with parmesan, rocket and pomegranate in a jar
2,98 €
Crostini with thyme honey goat´s chees2,14 €
Crostini bruscetta2,14 €
Sinach and ricotta quiche2,14 €
Raw vegetable sticks iin a jar with sour cream2,98 €
Mini veggie burger2,98 €
Pasta cubes with eggplant cream4,17 €
DessertsGross amount*
Grape an cheese skewer2,14 €
Seasonal fruit an a glass3,81 €
Pancake skewer

with Nutella or strawberry jam
2,62 €
Buttermilk mango mousse in a waffle cup2,98

Gross price: 19% VAT on food in connection with equipment and service