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Main course

Gross amount*
Pumpkin and chickpea curry with basmati rice9,28 €
Vegetable curry with rice8,93 €
Colorful Mediterranean vegetable stir-fry

with small potatoes and sour cream
9,40 €
Florentine-style polenta pocket

with ratatouille vegetables
9,40 €
PoultryGross amount*
Turkey curry

with rice or potatoes
9,40 €
Turkey cutlets

with rice or potatoes
9,40 €
Chicken fricassee

with rice or potatoes
9,28 €
Turkey or chicken escalope

with potato or pasta salad
9,40 €
BeefGross amount*
Braised beef roll

in gravy served with red cabbage and boiled potatoes
15,35 €
Roast beef with fried potatoes and remoulade14,88 €
Beef goulash with spiral pasta10,59 €
Wiener schnitzel of veal

with potato or pasta salad
19,64 €
PorkGross amount*
Mediterranean steak neck

with tomato butter served with grilled vegetables and rosemary potatoes
10,59 €
Pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon in a pepper cream

with beans an potato gratin
10,71 €
Braised red bell pepper

in souce with boiled potatoes
9,40 €
Pork escalope

with potato or pasta salad
9,40 €
FishGross amount*
Fried salmon fillet

in lemon seed sauce with pan-fried vegetables and wild rice
19,04 €
Hamburger pan fish

in mustard sauce with broccoli and fried potatoes
13,69 €
Pickled matjes

with housewife sauce served with jacket potatoes
11,66 €
Hamburger Labskaus

with rollmops and gherkin
11,42 €
PastaGross amount*
Italian lasagna9,52 €
Spaghetti Bolognese9,40 €
Penne with wild mushroom cream souce9,82 €
Gnocchi with grilled summer vegetables9,28 €
Tagliatelle with salmon fillet

with baby spinach and melted cherry tomate
16,66 €
All pasta dishes are served with Parmesan cheese

Gross price: 19% VAT on food in connection with equipment and services