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Meeting platters

Meeting bread roll platesGross amount*
20 half sandwiches (at least 4 half sandwiches per type, topping of your choice) - Kornspitz, potato multigrain sandwiches, pretzel sticks, meter bread slices, rye sourdough sandwiches, bagels, farmhouse bread or mini sandwiches possible
Price category 1

Schnitzel, meatball, ham or herb omelette, roast beef, serrano, ham, pastrami, salmon, Milanese salami, Bavaria Blue, goat's cheese
3,21 €
Price category 2

Breakfast ham, meat salad, poultry salad, herring salad, egg salad, brie, cooked ham, turkey breast, minced meat, tomato mozzarella, vegetarian creams
2,74 €
Price category 3

boiled egg, Gouda, salami, Emmental, Edam cheese, cream cheese, beer ham, Lyoner
2,50 €
We are happy to consider your desired coverings

Gross price: 19% VAT on food in connection with equipment and service