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Could starters
Gross amount*
Antipasti variations

Carrots, zucchinis, mushrooms and peppers
5,53 €
Tomato mozzarella

buffalo mozzarella with beef tomatoes, served with fresh basil and ripe balsamic vinegar
5,53 €
Vitello Tonnato

Cooked veal served with a creamy sauce of mayonnaise and tuna rounded off with capers
9,52 €
Choice of 3 starter variationsPreis individuell
Cold starters*Gross amount*
Cheese board83,30 €
Cold cuts platter71,40 €
Smoked fish platter90,44 €
Antipasti platter53,55 €
*With a basket of mixed bread along with butter / for 15 people"
Fresh saladsGross amount*
Fresh market salad with dressing of your choice5,00 €
Classic potato or pasta salad3,21 €
Mediterranean potato or pasta salad3,21 €
Cucumber salad or tomato salad2,86 €
American coleslaw2,38 €
oriental couscous salad3,21 €

Gross price: 19% VAT on food in connection with equipment and services